(Lomography 800) 35mm photos taken in Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden - Fall 2023
Traveling to Uppsala, Sweden for the 42nd Edition of the Uppsala Short Film Festival was the first solo-international trip I've taken.
I think many people might wonder - "why travel transcontinentally for a film festival AND for a short film?" - the truth is, if you are afforded the honor of being invited and have the time and resources to fit this trip into your life, why not go?
I'm willing to argue for why attending a film festival, that may not be in your continent or time zone, is 100% worth all your time and money. The benefit of attending a film festival in a country you may have never traveled to or know the language, should be such an exciting experience for you to celebrate the fact that your film had the ability to touch audiences in a different corner of the world - isn't that a filmmaker's dream?
Using film festivals as a through-line for you to travel and expose yourself to new cultures and places in the world is a thrilling opportunity.  Not to mention that the most invigorating and rewarding part of the whole international experience is watching incredible films from around the globe and befriending those very filmmakers.
There's something incredibly magical about attending a film festival that brings diverse groups of people together in places that people may not otherwise visit. The connections and experiences that you will make are worthwhile and inspiring as a filmmaker. Participating in the world and exposing yourself to new situations, cultures, and places make such vital ingredients to enhancing one's own life and storytelling.
If you have the means and time to travel to far-off places for a film festival in which you had the privilege of being invited to - go.
Uppsala Kortfilmfestival filmmaker friends and I had a great time exploring Stockholm, learning about Sweden's nautical history, and not to mention trying reindeer and bear meatballs for the first time.
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